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TubeMate YouTube Downloader_Android_iconThe TubeMate YouTube Downloader Android app is a free replacement for the standard YouTube-app on your Android device. Of course, you can with TubeMate just find and watch movies, as you do now. This new app has, however, a number of extras in the listing that you are in the standard Youtube Android application won’t find.

In the base TubeMate you just let the mobile variant of YouTube. You can also just log in, so get your own videos and Favorites. In addition to the mobile view you can also choose the familiar desktop view, all this requires a fast connection is recommended because otherwise the load time is very long. The option TubeMate attractive, is the ability to movies to download. Now there are of course more Android-apps to find that you can download YouTube movies, but TubeMate gives you the option of choosing from different resolutions and has the option of just the sound of a movie to save as MP3. There is, incidentally, not a “button” to find that you can start the download, but you will see a drop-down menu when you want to play a movie with the question of whether you play or download. Playback happens, incidentally, just in the standard YouTube Android app.

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In addition to downloading movies TupeMate offers you the possibility of movies to share with your friends. Can share via email or via one of the famous social networks. Via the settings, you can indicate where you see the movies or MP3 files to save, and you can set or among others a notification you want to hear when the download process is complete. In order to download movies from YouTube have you actually need no Android app; that may indeed through your desktop. You have to later all downloads first to your Android-device transfer, choose TubeMate YouTube Downloader as one-stop-shop solution.

It is also wise to convince you that you have a data subscription with a sufficiently large bundle, because downloading movies a significant data stream. Even better is to a Wi-Fi connection to use. TubeMate YouTube Downloader is free to use and to download in the Android Market. An alternative to TubeMate is for example jetVD.

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